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Field the edge

Field the edge

Field the edge

Monica Emilie Herstad viser en skisse til forestillingen Field the Edge under festivalen Oslo Friteater Festival 11.11 kl. 14. Velkommen!

Et prosjekt av Dans og performance ensemblet herstay monica herstad, publisert 22.10.2018. Prosjektet tilhører kategorien Skaperglede.
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Prosjektet ble avsluttet 12.11.2018.

herStay piece in progress

The freedom that the “w.i.p.”/ work in progress label offers, is a situation where – the before budget condition, still gives an opportunity to play with artistic ideas, with a touch of ´no strings attached´, to it.

The ´work in progress´ is more of a state of mind, where a set of solutions are evolving. It has to do with buyers, funding and programming of the work, before this anyhow limits your choice. In a non profit situation, new ideas can – in theory, be tested fearlessly? Why/ why not?, would be the theme for a post-talk, afterwards.


W.I.P. vs full format 

The work in progress is enriched by its condition of being in a transformative sphere –  though where climate dilemmas and Ibsen related subjects are frequently discussed in herStay works, and so in this, additional nuances and new tendencies still appears.

In an emerging work like Field the edge, there are yet new angles and occurrences to confront and work through, before it is becoming a more of an evening piece.

Yet, sequence by sequence it is being presented to an audience, like hence in July during Schouskollektivet Extended – Moving Interactions Festival the 28th – 29th, this summer (see links enclosed), and further internationally exposed.

herStay is grateful to be given the opportunity to sketch a few ideas in a low key environment that Oslo Teatersenter here offers for minor audience encounters, when in the process of upscaling to full format high-end events.

November 11th, at 14 hrs, an excerpt from the performance Field the edge, a herStay piece in progress will be performed at the non-profit Oslo Friteater Festival. Welcome!








herStay performance Compose Yourself – It may happen in beauty (2016) at Deichmanske in collaboration with Ibsenfestivalen 2016, where herStay introduces singing dancers and vice versa, after successful performances in Prague since June 2015, and earlier during Oslo Early Music Days Festival in 2013.

herStay´Compose Yourself It may happen in beauty:


Tickets/ Billetter:

Since tickets are not covering payment for the festival artists, feel free to consider a gift, via, att: Field the edge

Ticket information in Norwegian:

Billetter koster kr. 200 per person, for hele festivalen lørdag og søndag.

Work in progress evenementet søndag den 11.11 kl. 14.oo koster kr. 50.

NB, kunstnerne er ikke lønnet av festivalen.

Et evt. tillegg til herStay performance for evenementet kan “vipses” til: 415 215 01, merk gjerne donasjonen med ´herStay performance Oslo Friteater Festival´


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